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Instantly Receive Company Data

  1. Dilution Activity and Share Offering Status: Dilution occurs when a company issues new stock, which results in a decrease of existing stockholder's ownership percentage of that company.
  2. Share Structure Information: Instantly receive a company's latest share structure, such as: Outstanding Shares, Float, Authorized Shares, and more to come...
  3. Available Cash Status: Important health indicators of a company’s financial system. Analysts can also estimate whether it is good to invest in a particular company through its ability to generate cash and cash equivalents since it reflects how a company is able to pay its bills throughout a short period of time. Companies with large amounts of cash and cash equivalents are primary targets of bigger companies who are planning to acquire smaller companies.

Only Pull The Data That You Need

SEC filings can be hundreds of pages long over many different filings and covered with obscure language. Our proprietary technology filters through all the noise and brings you the data you want fast.

Browse Research For Multiple Companies At Once

Input up your entire watchlist at once! FlashSEC will bring you all the data you need from all the relevant filings faster than you can browse.

Grow And Adapt With The Financial Markets As Information Changes

Information is power. Every market participant has unique information they want to key in on. Use our feature request button and request the information that you would like to see added to FlashSEC during our monthly update cycle. More to come, we are always looking to improve the tool!

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